I would like to tell you about a special opportunity: the advanced club, which is only open to registered subscribers. 

Here, you can not only get the latest style tips, but it's an advanced style advisory club, where members can access exclusive videos. We have also created a separate Facebook group for club members, where communication is easier, and we provide extra services as well. If you also want to live a more stylish life and perfect your dressing, then this is the place for you! Join us and be part of an exclusive community!Register for our ADVANCED LEVEL STYLE TIPS club, where you can access our exclusive content!Register for our ADVANCED LEVEL STYLE TIPS club, where you can access our exclusive content!Register for our ADVANCED LEVEL STYLE TIPS club, where you can access our exclusive content!Register for our ADVANCED LEVEL STYLE TIPS club, where you can access our exclusive content!Register for our ADVANCED LEVEL STYLE TIPS club, where you can access our exclusive content!Register for our ADVANCED LEVEL STYLE TIPS club, where you can access our exclusive content!

  1. If you want to receive dressing advice that can boost your confidence, then you've come to the right place in our club! Register and become a part of a community that values sophisticated appearance.
  2. Do you want to avoid fashion mistakes and always appear stylish on every occasion? Join us and learn tricks to enhance your appearance even more!
  3. If you want to join a female community where you can find inspiring and creative ideas and get help with your dressing dilemmas, don't hesitate, register in our club!

Nowadays, the internet and social media flood us with an incredible amount of information, especially when it comes to fashion and style. However, this information is often conflicting, and it's difficult to choose what really works for us.That's why I suggest you join our Advanced Style Tips club, where you'll find all the information and support you need to find your own style. In our exclusive club, we offer exclusive content, including videos created by two style consultants that help you understand how to dress according to your body type and color type.In addition, our closed Facebook group, which is only accessible to members, offers monthly interesting activities and live streams that enrich the community's life.BONUS: We're welcoming you with a 10-week Wardrobe Organization Challenge from the first week!

Check out the video of the ADVANCED STYLE TIPS CLUB:

  1. Would you like to always bring out your best with your style? Join us and learn advanced style tips!
  2. Are you tired of dressing the same way and want something truly stylish? Then register for our club and become part of an exclusive community!
  3. Do you want access to videos that help perfect your style? Join us and become a member of the advanced club!
  4. If you want to discover new trends and try them out in your own style, don't hesitate to join us in the club and enjoy exclusive benefits!
  5. Do you want to receive fashion tips that highlight your beauty and style even more? Then register for our club and find the perfect ideas!

Imagine being able to receive the latest style advice and tricks every month, which are guaranteed to improve your appearance and self-confidence. Imagine being able to access all of this from the comfort of your own home, with just one click, and all through an exclusive closed women's club.This is what the subscription club offers you. The advanced level style advisory videos help you learn more about dressing, accessories, body shaping, and current trends. The exclusive content contains information and tips that only club members can access.The Advanced Style Tips Club offers fresh content every month, which includes new and innovative ideas, tricks, and advice.And to make it even more exciting, the club also offers live broadcasts, where we answer questions and help with any potential issues.If you want to be part of a community that shares their passion for dressing, style, and fashion, then the subscription club may be the perfect choice for you. Join now and discover the latest secrets and tricks of the world of dressing and style.

Would you like to finally find your true style, where you can truly be yourself and feel confident? Join us and we'll help you find the right dressing style for you!

Is your appearance and dressing style important to you too? Then you definitely want to be part of a club where you can get the latest fashion trends and advanced style tips that help you further highlight your beauty!

What benefits can you enjoy as a member of the Advanced Style Tips Club

  1. You will receive new video content every week, covering a wide range of topics related to fashion, such as styles, body types, color types, dress codes, etiquette, self-awareness, and conversations with guests about makeup, skincare, and fashion.
  2. We will share secrets with club members, such as how to test your color type at home and how to determine your body type if you don't have the opportunity for personal consultation or were not satisfied with previous advice.
  3. We won't waste your time! You will receive short, informative videos that cover all the essential information in just a few minutes.
  4. We will hold a live Q&A session every month, where club members can ask us any fashion-related questions, and we will answer them.
  5. Twice a year, we invite you to an exclusive in-person meeting, where you can meet us and other club members in person over dinner at a fantastic restaurant.
  6. + BONUS: 10 weeks of spring-summer wardrobe organization starting from the first week!

How can you join? 

The Advanced Style Tips Club will open its doors on April 20th. The annual membership fee is EUR 120 which is the price of one personal styling consultation. The monthly membership fee is HUF EUR 15 /month, which amounts to EUR 180/year. However, we currently offer the annual membership fee at a discounted price of EUR 120. Payment information will be sent to you via email between April 17th and April 19th after registration. Payment can only be made in a single installment via bank transfer.